3 Incision Care Tips for Minimal Scarring

So, you want to commence your rapid weight loss journey through surgery — congratulations! By doing so you are taking decisive steps towards a healthier life. At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, Dr. Diego Velarde and our staff understands some patients’ reservations towards this method of weight loss due to the telltale sign of surgery: scars. While lasting marks from surgery are virtually unavoidable, there are preventive practices we use to lessen the severity of the scars. Read ahead to learn how to properly care for your incision in order to minimize scarring.

Keep Incision Clean

Keeping incisions clean lowers the potential for infection, which can lead to complications and enhance scarring in the process. To prevent severe scarring, change your bandages regularly, this will help keep your incisions clean and promote healing.

Use Sun Protection

Scar tissue is more sensitive to sun exposure and therefore prone to burning. What’s more, UV rays slow healing since they interfere with new collagen production. Because of this, limit your fun in the sun after surgery. If you cannot stay away from the rays, apply SPF 30 or higher to protect your incision and keep scarring to a minimal.

Hydrate Incision

The “let your scar breathe” philosophy to minimize scarring and promote healing is a myth: you should keep incisions moist and covered to speed the healing. Hydrating incisions prevent the formation of scabs, which act as a barrier to tissue development. A good solution for wound hydration is petroleum jelly or topical silicone gel, both proven to hydrate incisions and in turn promote healing while minimizing scarring.

Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute can help jump start your weight loss journey. If interested in our weight loss surgical program, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Diego Velarde. Our patients from Melbourne, Merritt Island, Viera and all over Brevard County have seen tremendous results from our rapid weight loss programs. Let us help you take steps towards shedding the extra weight through bariatric surgery, robotic surgery, gastric bypass surgery and other options.