5 Simple Strategies For Keeping The Weight Off For Good

Simple Strategies Weight Loss

Don’t snub the scale

Weigh yourself once every two weeks to make sure pounds aren’t creeping back.

Draw a goal ladder

Write something that you want to achieve on each rung. Include mini-goals like “I won’t dip into the office candy bowl all week,” as well as major ones like “run a half-marathon.”

Write it all down

Tracking everything you eat leads to more weight loss, studies show. Blog it, photograph it, or log it in your smartphone for a couple of weeks to reveal if you’re self-sabotaging with oversized portions or too much junk.

Make a red flag list

Include habits that have derailed you in the past (like stopping for an a.m. doughnut or putting off grocery shopping). Post it somewhere visible, like your bathroom mirror, so it’ll be easier to spot (and stop!) old habits pronto.

Do Count those calories

Keeping track of your caloric intake during the day is a no nonsense way of keeping the weight off. Talk to you Doctor or Nutritionist to decide how many calories you can safely eat during the day to make sure your are staying on track.