Advice for Exercise Newbies

Now that the holidays are over, many are turning their sights to the New Year and all that new beginnings can bring. The coming new year represents a chance to make changes both big and small for many. What about you? What have you set your heart and mind to for the upcoming year? For many, a change in eating and exercise habits are high on the list. The holidays can mean wonderful family time, but also means lots of food and sweets, bringing additional pounds with them. According to, those living in the United States actually do gain most of their extra weight during the Christmas Holiday. It’s a fact! You might notice your pants fitting tighter during the Christmas season with all the savory food and festive parties. If one of your resolutions is to begin an exercise regime, Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss has some great tips for exercise newbies.

Start Smart

You may have seen them, those folks who go full throttle at the gym without having any previous experience. After a few days or weeks, they are injured or burnt out and their resolution to get fit fades away like last year’s resolutions. You don’t have to fall into the beginner’s trap.

If you are new to exercise and do not know where to begin, start by consulting your physician. Tell him or her of your desire to begin an exercise program and let them give you a thorough evaluation beforehand. Knowing your limits before you begin exercise will help you set realistic goals that you can achieve. Once you begin to see success, you will be spurred on to do more!

Just Do It

This one is absolutely simple, just begin. You won’t get anywhere without taking that first step. All the planning in the world will come to nothing if you do not begin. Exercise can be intimidating for beginners, but it does not have to be. Simply start. For those who are at a loss for where to start, walking is a great. Almost anyone can put on a pair of shoes and head out the door. Swimming is a wonderful full body workout that can be a great place to begin as well.

You may think you have to have a gym membership or invest in workout DVDs but we are here to tell you that isn’t the case. Did you know that gardening, yard work, household chores, and more count towards exercise? Whatever you choose to do, just start moving! Your body and mind will thank you.

Find a Friend

Accountability is one of the key reasons why people see success. Maybe you have a friend who is looking to become more active. Perhaps there is someone you can call upon to meet you for that walk around the neighborhood. Technology can even be of assistance in this area. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Run Keeper allow you to keep track of your exercise and will even alert you when it is time to get moving.

We hope these tips help you with your New Year’s resolutions. If you are in Melbourne, FL or anywhere in Brevard County and are looking for weight loss solutions, contact us today to see how we can help you attain your goals.