Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights

Today we want to discuss two types of weights that can be added to your exercise routine.  For those of you who choose not to go to the gym, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home to maintain good health.  Some people can’t afford to go to the gym which is completely understandable.  Others simply prefer to work out alone without feeling like other people are watching them or without the interruption of people wanting to visit in the middle of their workout routine.

With YouTube, you have access to more exercise videos than you could possibly watch!  The great thing is that you can find videos for your exercise level from beginner to advanced.  Most of these require minimal equipment, such as an exercise (yoga) mat and maybe a light set of hand weights.

This brings us to our discussion of ankle weights and wrist weights.  These can also be used during your workouts at the gym.  They aren’t only for at-home exercising.  Ankle weights and wrist weights are made to wear on your body.  They are often weight-adjustable, containing little weights that can be removed or added back into the band.  These weights are often soft rectangular bags of sand.  These are nice because they are eco-friendly and don’t contain anything that could be harmful to you.  They are also adjustable for different ankle and wrist sizes.

These weights are designed to work in the same way light hand weights work.  They provide additional resistance to make your work out a little harder providing more results.  Ankle weights can be worn when walking or running in order to get more out of your cardio exercise.  They are great when doing exercises like leg lifts, scissor kicks, and jump squats to increase the benefit you receive from the exercise.  After all, you can’t hold a hand weight with your toes while doing scissor kicks!

Wrist weights are beneficial when doing any arm exercises, such as reverse flies or bicep curls.  You might be wondering why you don’t just use hand weights for these exercises.  You can if you prefer.  However, some people, such as those with arthritis, experience pain in their hands when holding the hand weights.  It prevents them from increasing the resistance during their workouts to help make their workouts more effective.  Having tired or painful hands should not have to keep you from getting the exercise that you desire.  Wrist weights can be a great option.

Whatever exercises you are doing, make sure you do them carefully with proper form and breathing.  Nobody thinks they will forget to breathe until they hear that voice on the video say, “Don’t forget to breathe,” and they realize they are holding their breath!  It’s important to breathe consistently because your blood needs oxygen during the workout.  It helps your body get the most out of the workout and keeps you from fainting!

At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute we are pleased that you are taking an interest in a healthier version of yourself.  After all, you only get one body with which to live your life.  If you are struggling with your weight loss and are interested in weight loss surgery, such as lap band, gastric bypass, or gastric balloon, then call Dr. Diego Velarde at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute today.  We also offer weight loss programs.  We are located in the Melbourne/Merritt Island area and can’t wait to meet you!