Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

For most, the holidays mean spending time with family and friends, merriment, parties, and of course lots of food and sweets. Grandma’s famous potato salad, roasted turkey, Aunt Jill’s sugar cookies, cakes, chocolates, and more are everywhere you look. It is hard to resist all these treats, and as a result many people put on weight during the holidays. To help you avoid putting on pounds this holiday season, we have put together some tips on how to enjoy these delicious treats without going overboard.

Portion Control

If that chocolate cake is just looking too good to resist, indulge yourself by having a small piece. This will satisfy your craving without leaving feeling guilty. A few bites won’t hurt, just avoid consuming large quantities of junk food like cakes, cookies, candy and fatty foods.

Watch What You Drink

Alcohol has a lot of sugar in it, especially when mixed with juices or soda. If you partake in holiday cocktails, keep in mind that each drink generally contains between 100-200 calories. Keep an eye on the number of drinks you consume, and opt for something light instead of a super-sugary drink. Champagne only has 84 calories per 4 oz. glass, so this could be a good option if you’d like a festive drink without a lot of calories.

Opt for Healthy Choices

There are tons of recipes that are both delicious and healthy. Instead of making the usual cheesy potato dish, try something different like a spinach artichoke dip. This scrumptious snack only has 15-20 calories per serving, much less than the usual holiday foods! Another low-calorie choice is a yummy spinach lasagna.

While it can be hard to avoid all the treats and sweets this holiday season, be aware of which foods have the highest calorie count and if you choose to indulge, just have a small portion. We hope these tips will help, but if you are struggling to lose weight and need a hand we are here to help! At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute located in Melbourne, FL, we specialize in rapid weight loss services including robotic and bariatric surgery. If you are in Brevard County and are ready to start your journey towards losing weight and keeping it off, contact us today. Happy Holidays!