Avoiding a Sedentary Lifestyle

It is hard to believe that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is really as bad for you as smoking is, but recent studies indicate that sitting all day long is definitely hazardous to your health. If you work at an office or in a cubicle, you should consider what you can do to avoid sitting all day.

Some employers have become attuned to the health risks of sitting all day, and they now offer stand-up desks as an option for their employees. Employers like this are still in the minority, so it will likely be up to you to take responsibility for getting up from your desk periodically throughout the day.

First, consider which of your job’s duties could be performed standing as well as sitting. Could you take phone calls or dictate letters standing rather than sitting while doing these tasks?

Another trick is to take a non-smoker’s “smoke break.” Last month, I attended a conference at a university, and the workshop leader offered a 15-20 minute break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The smokers went outside right away, and the non-smokers mostly sat around. I, on the other hand, took the opportunity to explore the university. I walked down the hallways at a brisk pace and jogging up stairs before heading back to the conference room. By the time the break was over, I had walked a half mile in air-conditioned comfort, raising my heart rate without getting too sweaty for the next part of the workshop.

If you work in an office where smokers take routine smoke breaks, why not take a walk around the premises for 5-10 minutes whenever it seems like break time? Not only will this help keep you healthy and active, you might find yourself dropping a few pounds in the process.

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