Beneficial Side-Effects of Weight Loss

Over the last six months, I have lost 45 pounds. I know why I did it, and I have accomplished my primary goal, but I have noticed some unexpected benefits that accompany dramatic weight loss.

I did it to keep the doctor away. I know I fit the profile for adult onset diabetes, and my doctor told me two years ago that I needed to lose 40 pounds. I stubbornly waited a year and a half to make my move, but my last blood test scared me. The nurse told me I should start testing my blood sugar every morning, and I needed to return in three months for a follow up A1C test. I could tell that the continued slide would lead to diabetes medication and all of the unpleasant consequences of diabetes.

Hoping to reverse the slide through weight-loss, I got serious about diet and exercise. I dropped weight quickly the first month then continued a slower but still steady drop in the subsequent months. My last blood test was in normal range, and the nurse said that I do not need to return for a follow-up blood test until next year. Mission accomplished.

My goal was to improve my health, but there have many pleasant unintended consequences. It has been fun to shop for new clothing because the old clothes don’t fit anymore. I’m a public speaker, and this might be my imagination, but it seems that listeners find me more interesting since I’ve dropped 20% of my body weight. My wife would deny that her affection for me has increased, and I believe her, but I suspect that her respect for me has increased. Everyone knows that real change is not easy, and it feels good to notice that my wife is impressed.

If you have struggled with your weight without lasting success, perhaps it is time for you to seek the help of a professional. Is it time for you to make an appointment with Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute in Merritt Island? We have been helping patients on the Space Coast for over ten years.

Disclaimer: This post has been written by a contract writer for Advanced Weight Loss Institute and is not a personal story of Dr. Velarde or any person on his staff.