Benefits of Aerobic Fitness

One of the key components of overall health and well-being is your aerobic fitness level. Aerobic fitness refers to your body’s ability to use oxygen throughout all of your systems. The more fit your aerobic system is, the better your body is able to use oxygen and covert it to energy for your muscles. It is the aerobic system that allows you convert needed energy for use in longer steady state activities like walking, jogging, and endurance sports to name just a few. The health of your heart and lungs is crucial to your fitness and ability to perform everyday tasks like sitting, standing, sleeping. Just about everything you do requires that you have adequate aerobic fitness. If you are just beginning a fitness regimen and find yourself wondering if it is worth the time and effort you are expending, here are several reasons to keep going beyond your mere physical appearance.

Weight Loss

Yes, training at a steady state is important to help you lose the extra weight and keep it off long term. You do not have to include explosive movements that work your anaerobic system to lose weight. The simple act of keeping your heart rate elevated for a longer amount of time will assist you in losing those extra pounds.

Fight Chronic Illness

Aerobic training is a great way to fight off blood pressure and developing type 2 diabetes. When you get your aerobic system working, you are also helping your body fight off obesity and other chronic illnesses. It is also beneficial in preventing strokes and some types of cancer. Moving your body also has tremendous effects on your mental health. That 30-minute walk break during lunch will do wonders for your stress level and can even aid in fighting depression and anxiety.

Helping to Heal

If you are suffering from heart disease or other coronary issues, aerobic exercise is wonderful for strengthening your heart and allowing for increased blood flow. Did you know that exercise can even strengthen your immune system? According to the Mayo Clinic, aerobic exercise can give your immune system a boost, just what you may need to fight off colds and the flu.

Continued Independence

The fitter you are as you age, the better your chances are for independence longer. Consistent aerobic exercise strengthens your heart, muscles, and benefits your overall health giving you the chance to thrive long in life.

Finding the time to commit to aerobic activity may seem challenging but there are ways you can fit it into your schedule to suit your specific needs. We will dive into this topic in a later blog post. Until then, keep pursuing fitness on your quest for weight loss. If you have questions about how to lose weight the right way or are looking for lasting solutions, please contact Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute.