Benefits of Robotic Surgery

At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, we pride ourselves on being on the front line of surgical, cutting-edge technology. The foundation of our minimally invasive surgery program is the da Vinci Surgical Robot. Although referred to as a robot, the da Vinci cannot act on its own; it is operated by a surgeon during procedures. The da Vinci Surgical Robot enables the surgeon’s precision, advanced technique, and enhanced capabilities in performing complex, minimally invasive surgery. Our robotic surgery instrument makes tiny incisions much like laparoscopy, which allows for a speedy recovery time. There are multiple benefits of robotic surgery, which we have outline below.

Decreased Human Error

The da Vinci Surgical Robot offers the potential for precise surgery by decreasing the natural human tremor. Additionally, it allows the surgeon an increased range of motion and heightened dexterity. Furthermore, the da Vinci Surgical Robot allows for a greater level of sophistication during surgery by granting precise movements, which in turn enhances the surgeon’s skills with delicate instrumentation.

Minimally Invasive

The da Vinci Surgical Robot allows for minimally invasive surgery, which translates to minimal scarring, faster recovery, and lower risk of infection due to a smaller incision.

Enhanced Visualization

The da Vinci robotic camera consists of two high resolution fiber optic cameras, rendering a 3-dimensional color picture and boosted visualization. The lightweight, 3 dimensional, high definition camera comes with integrated control for focus, lighting, automated scope detection and enhanced magnification, among other features. What’s more, there are two different cameras available: straight and 30 degrees oblique. By using advanced visuals, the operating surgeon has access to expanded visibility, which transcribes to more precise movements during procedures.

Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, located in Merritt Island, specializes in robotic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical Robot. Boasting benefits such as smaller incisions, shorter recovery time, precise movements, lower risk of infection and minimal scarring, robotic surgery is a popular choice. We serve Melbourne, FL and all of Brevard County. In addition to robotic surgery, we offer weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and lap band surgeries. If you are interested in our surgical programs, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Diego Velarde.