Cooking at Home Can Help You Lose Weight

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. According to research from the Harvard School of Public Health, the obesity rate has almost doubled since 1980 and there is no indication that that number will slow. As nations increase in wealth and adopt a more Western diet, the numbers rise, even in children. The easy access to highly processed foods from fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery aisles are literally making us sick. The United States leads the pack when it comes to the obesity epidemic. Currently, around 36.5 percent of the population is obese and that number could rise to a staggering 50 percent by 2030 if things do not change.

While adopting new habits in order to change your weight and well-being can be challenging, there is one thing you can begin to implement today: cooking at home. Are you looking to cut calories and incorporate healthier options into your daily eating habits? Making a few simple changes each week will allow you to increase the likelihood of losing extra pounds and could save you money too.

The University of Washington recently published results from a study on this very topic. They found that people who cooked their meals at home were in more likely to be in compliance with the Healthy Eating Index, a measure that assesses dietary quality. This measure was created to assess how well people met the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. A survey was given to over 400 people in the Seattle, WA area in which participants were asked to comment on their dining in and dining out habits. Results found that even cooking at home only 3 times a week increased the score on the Healthy Eating Index to upwards of 67. Increasing the frequency of cooking and eating at home to at least 6 nights per week increased the score to 74.

Clearly, eating at home increases the nutrient density of your diet and you don’t have to cook every single night. Making a small goal to begin cooking at home only a few nights a week can make a big difference in the long run. Many people fear that eating at home is too expensive, however, that does not appear to be the case. By eating at home, you can have a much better diet without a significant increase in spending.

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