At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute we specialize in rapid weight loss in Melbourne, FL.  Dr. Diego Velarde is at the cutting edge of his field utilizing the DaVinci robotic surgery system which is a minimally invasive form of surgery.  This helps greatly with the ease and quickness of recovery.  Dr. Velarde performs many different bariatric surgeries for the purpose of weight loss, such as lap band, gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, and stomach stapling.  Dr. Velarde believes in overall health desiring the best life for his patients.


An often overlooked aspect of our physical health is taking proper care of our teeth.  Yes, believe it or not, dental care is an important part of your health.  Many of you do not want to hear that as the dentist is one of your least favorite offices to visit. (Dentists, plug your ears)!  Your fears may stem from a bad experience or the fact that you are very sensitive to pain and don’t like anyone poking your gums.  Whatever the reason may be, we highly encourage you to seek out a dentist with excellent reviews and schedule a visit.  For your children, if your insurance allows you to take them to a pediatric dentist, we highly recommend it.  Their offices are often full of things to keep kids pre-occupied during their dental visit (movies, video games, etc.) so that they are not afraid of the dentist.  This sets them on the path to a lifetime of good oral hygiene, including regular dental visits.


There are obvious benefits to good oral hygiene.  Nobody enjoys talking to someone with bad breath!  Also, clean teeth help make for a pretty smile.  Who doesn’t like smiling or having someone smiling at them?  We know that if you feel good about your teeth, you are more likely to smile.


Besides those obvious benefits, it has been proven that gum disease can lead to other serious health issues, such as heart attack and stroke.  When you brush your teeth, you should also be gently brushing your gums.  Additionally, you should brush your tongue!  Your tongue is one of the places that bacteria like to hang out which leads to bad breath.


Here in Brevard County some of our local dentists, hygienists, and technicians take part in “Give Kids a Smile” in which they provide dental care for underprivileged children whose parents cannot otherwise afford dental care.  Of course, dentists believe in the importance of dental health, but by donating their time to children who couldn’t otherwise receive the dental care they show just how important they believe it is.  They do this free of charge!


We highly encourage you to take care of all aspects of your health, including your dental care.  If your weight is an aspect of your health with which you struggle, then we are here to help.  Call us today at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute serving Melbourne and Viera, FL to begin your rapid weight loss journey. You are not alone and Dr. Velarde is ready to help.  We are excited to be a part of your journey!