Depression After Bariatric Surgery

We recently discussed the prevalence of depression amongst the overweight and obese populations. If you read our post and something resonated, please know that there are medical and mental-health professionals available to help you. Reach out. Ask questions. Get the help you need to succeed. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute has been helping the residents of Brevard County and beyond lose weight and keep it off permanently. We have seen first-hand the dramatic effects of extreme weight loss. Transformation occurs to mind, body, and soul.

We hope that you found our previous post on depression and obesity informative. We would now like to take a closer look at depression AFTER surgery. Yes, it does occur. However, you do not have to let it define you. Awareness is key! If you suffered from depressive episodes prior to surgery, it is possible that you will afterward. You must remember that your body will undergo significant changes. Many bariatric patients deal with emotional changes that come with losing a large amount of weight. They may not actually see themselves after the weight has come off. There is a multitude of adjustments that you will be making post-surgery and being prepared, recognizing the signs of depression, and seeking support are important.

If you are wrestling with feelings of guilt and shame, don’t find pleasure in the actives that once made you happy, struggle with insomnia, and more, you could be experiencing depression. You may experience physical, mental, and even appetite and sleeping changes. Depression affects everyone on an individual basis. If you or someone you love notices a change, seek help. We suggest finding a licensed mental-health professional to help you with a diagnosis and go from there. If you are prescribed any medications, it is especially important that you take them as prescribed!

The Obesity Action Coalition is a great resource for those post-surgery patients suffering from depression. They suggest making exercise a routine part of your day. There is a correlation between exercise and positive mental health. When you break a sweat, you are engaging mood enhancing chemicals in your brain that can give you a positive boost. They also advise keeping a check on any anger issues you may have and trying to keep a positive attitude. Goal setting is also important. Small victories can have a tremendous impact on how you view yourself.

We know that choosing to undergo bariatric surgery is not something you take lightly. We also know that it just may be the best solution to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We offer FREE bariatric surgery seminars designed to inform future clients and answer any questions they may have. These meetings are a great way to learn more about the various forms of weight loss surgery we offer and allow attendees the chance to meet Dr. Velarde.