Do Not Surrender After Victory

Studies have shown that most people who achieve significant weight loss gain back 80% to 120% of the weight they lost within one year. Everyone is aware of the health risks associated with obesity, but medical evidence seems to indicate that the pattern of yo-yo dieting can be as harmful, if not more harmful, than obesity itself. What causes people who have lost weight to return to their prior levels of obesity? More importantly, how can you avoid it?

One reason so many people regain their weight is that the original weight loss was attained by means of an unrealistic diet that is not sustainable. If you lose weight by making yourself miserable with freakish amounts of exercise or a fad diet, it will be very tempting to go back to prior habits once you reach your goal. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is a lasting change in your lifestyle. Experts estimate that it takes about 90 minutes a day of exercise to lose weight and about an hour a day of exercise to avoid regaining weight.

One major factor in losing weight and keeping it off is your attitude toward exercise. Do you view exercise as a punishment you have to endure because you overeat, or do you appreciate exercise as your pathway to fitness? Here is an easy test of your attitude toward exercise: How do you feel when your exercise plans are thwarted by weather or unexpected interruptions? Are you quietly excited about the reprieve, or do you find a way to overcome the obstacle?

If you have enjoyed a measure of weight loss success, avoid the temptation to relapse into your former habits of eating or inactivity. If you have struggled with weight loss, perhaps it is time for you to consider professional help. If you would like to determine whether you are a candidate for robotic bariatric surgery, contact us at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, located at 375 Courtenay Parkway in Merritt Island, FL. Dr. Velarde has over ten years of experience in bariatric surgery, and he is fluent in both Spanish and English. Take the first step towards maintaining a healthy body by calling them today at 321-529-2000.