Dr. Velarde utilizes Da Vinci System

For many years surgery meant a long exhaustive procedure with multiple open points and scaring for the patient. Advancements in surgical procedures have come a long way in just the past few years and Dr. Velarde at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute is on the forefront regarding these changes.

The da Vinci Surgery system allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures and can help you get back to a normal life quicker than ever before. When it comes to choosing a surgeon healing time is a vital component to consider and Dr. Velarde can make that happen utilizing the da Vinci Robotic System.

It may sound like science fiction but advancements in surgical technology have exploded over the past several years and Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute in Brevard County, FL is on the cutting edge. The da Vinci system allows for ultimate precision allowing Dr. Velarde to perform qualifying surgeries assisted by the system.

Utilizing robotic technology, Dr. Velarde operates the da Vinci robotic equipment from a console containing a video system with 3D high definition, and software. The highly specialized instruments combined with the video system allows for extreme precision and dexterity ensuring that your procedure will be seamless and as gentle and accurate as possible.

The prospect of surgery can be scary and you have the right to know and trust your surgeon with complete confidence. The da Vinci system can be used for a myriad of surgical procedures such as: surgeries involving the head and neck, gynecology, urology, cardiac and thoracic surgeries.

Patients requiring procedures such as these may be viable candidates for the da Vinci Surgical System. The benefits of this type of surgery are numerous and include:

  • Less hospital time after surgery
  • Small incisions
  • Lower risk of scaring
  • Decreased need for narcotics to control pain
  • Faster recovery

With so many benefits, the da Vinci System is light years ahead of other surgical procedures and can put you on the road to recovery much quicker than you ever thought possible. The da Vinci System is used to perform minimally invasive surgeries and is generally covered by your insurance. Be sure to check with your provider to make sure this is the case for you.

Finding a surgeon can feel daunting and you want to go with someone you trust to perform your operation with precision, care, and confidence. Please contact Dr. Velarde today for more information.