With fall officially here, you may be wondering how to keep your kids active so that they aren’t just sitting inside playing video games when they are not at school.  With school in session, at least they at least have P.E. to give them some exercise, but more wouldn’t hurt!  Even though adults should be modeling healthy eating habits and good fitness, they often don’t.  A recent article in the “Beaches Hometown News” stated that “40.3% of Brevard children classified as overweight.”  That should be a wake-up call to adults.  We need to do better for our own health and the health of our children.

Brevard County Schools’ Physical Education

Health First is taking an active role in the community by donating P.E. equipment to local schools.  This is of great benefit to the schools and the students.  With limited budgets, schools often can’t afford new P.E. equipment.  New equipment is exciting for the kids because they won’t get bored playing the same games or doing the same activities in P.E. day after day. Additionally, if kids get excited about fitness, they can help inspire their parents.

Avoiding Heat Stroke

We all know that Florida is hot and humid, even in the fall.  It is important to be careful about doing outdoor activities during the hotter months.  Make sure that you and your children stay hydrated, stay in the shade as much as possible, and try to do the majority of your outdoor activities in the early morning hours or evening hours when the temperature is more moderate and the sun isn’t directly overhead, beating down on you.

Fun Activites for Kids

Besides activities that you can do at home like swimming, riding bikes, or playing ball in the yard, there are also plenty of activities available in the community.  There is a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities available.  You can contact your local Parks and Recreation department to find out about the activities available in your area.  You can also look at their websites.

We hope that this inspires you to help your child with their fall fitness and that you choose to model good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle for your child.  We know that getting fit can be a challenge, particularly if an active lifestyle is new to you.  We want to help.

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