Get Yourself Back on Track

Life has a way of throwing each of us curve balls. One minute you are ecstatic over your current weight loss and sticking to the plan with total success and then the next…well, you are off track and wondering where it all went awry. Listen, you are not alone. Just about everyone who has committed to keeping their health in check by changing their eating habits and incorporating physical fitness has “messed up” along the way.

The thing is, you are always one choice away from getting right back to where you were and on the road to success. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, Melbourne’s premier bariatric surgery center, knows that sustainable weight loss encompasses many things, mistakes being one of them. You don’t have to let over-indulging at a holiday party or slipping during a vacation derail you completely.

Here are some great tips to get back to your health one simple choice at a time.

You Aren’t Bad

How many times have you eaten too much or skipped a workout and then totally judged yourself as a “bad person” for it? Stop! These aren’t moral mistakes. You are not a horrible person. You are human and you made a choice that perhaps wasn’t the best for you. You can view your experience as a learning one and grow from it.

Try to remember why you chose to eat the food you did in the first place. Were you hungry before you showed up at the party? Were you emotional over something? Perhaps you were feeling lonely or insecure. Whatever the reasons, really evaluate what led to your decision and try to avoid the scenario again. Learn effective coping strategies that will work for you.

Think of the Big Picture

No one, and we mean no one ever, has gained weight because of one meal or one missed workout. It’s tempting to feel this way but it simply isn’t true. Don’t give in to the notion that all your previous hard work was for naught. It takes time to develop a lifestyle and one moment of weakness will not destroy you!

Have a Plan

One thing that helps all of us feel more in control of our lives is a plan. This is a great idea, especially for those on a weight loss journey. Planning for mishaps and having a strategy to pick yourself back up is a powerful step to getting back on track.

Don’t Punish Yourself

Did you eat too much pizza last night? Did a birthday celebration turn into an ice cream extravaganza? It happens to the best of us and you may feel like the best way to counteract your indulgence is to restrict calories and over-exercise. Wrong! Over-restricting will only foster a negative relationship with food and over-exercising can lead to injury. Here’s an idea: stop and breathe. Remember that you are in this for the long haul and punishing yourself will do nothing but continue a harmful relationship with food and exercise.