Good Fats, Bad Fats – The Lowdown on Fats!

Good Fats, Bad Fats - The Lowdown on Fats!

Fat is confusing! It used to be that fat was bad, period. Now, we hear about good fats and bad fats, and it can be confusing. Is there a good way to BE fat or just good ways to EAT fat? Can somebody explain this, please? We will gladly! At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, we want you to understand the concept of good and bad fats. We want you to understand your health and be proactive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle leading to a long, happy, healthy life for you!

The simple answer to the above question is no and yes. That doesn’t seem simple, does it? But, it is. No, there is no good way to BE fat. Yes, there are good ways to EAT fat or rather good fats that you can eat. Being overweight is not about how you look, but about being healthy. Yes, our weight often affects how we feel about ourselves, but our overall health is really the important issue here.

We aren’t telling you not to be comfortable in your own skin. In fact, we very much want you to be comfortable with who you are. However, being OVERweight is simply not healthy for your body. Your organs cannot function at their optimal best when they are being overworked. Your muscles, ligaments, and joints are designed to support your body, and when your body becomes overly heavy it puts tremendous strain on all these elements designed to support it. It can truly become a vicious cycle. You see someone (or you are the someone) in a wheelchair because their knees hurt far too much to walk. They need to walk to lose the weight that puts the strain on their knees. It is a difficult cycle, but it can be fixed.

Today, we are focusing on good and bad fats, so let’s address those. The good fats are the unsaturated fats, including polyunsaturated fatty acids and monosaturated fats. The bad fats (our enemy!) are saturated fats and trans fats. We need at least ten percent of our calories to come from fat and it is acceptable if up to thirty-five percent of our calories are in this form. The key is to choose good fats. Fish contain great, healthy fats. Olives, avocados, and many types of nuts (including peanut butter without lots of added sugar) contain these healthy fats, as well. Bad fats come in the form of high-fat dairy products and meats. Choose low-fat dairy and lean meats. Bad fats also come in basically all forms of packaged snack foods such as cookies and crackers, as well as margarine.

You might be reading this thinking that there isn’t much you are allowed to eat and your new eating plan is similar to a starvation diet. That is far from the truth. Don’t listen to those lies. There are plenty of healthy, delicious foods that are available to you. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. If you aren’t a big fan of vegetables, try raw veggies dipped in hummus. Beans are really good for you. And, simply learn to substitute with low-fat items when cooking, like low-fat sour cream or low-fat cheese. You don’t have to deprive yourself. It is about making smarter choices, not starvation!

At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, our goal is to help you get healthy and feel your best. If you are in the Melbourne, FL or Merritt Island area, let us help you figure out the weight loss program that will best fit your needs. Let us help you put the healthy fats to work and help you achieve the weight loss you desire!