Grocery Store Savvy

Grocery Store SavvyChoosing healthy options in the grocery store can be challenging. Rows of sweets and snacks are there for the taking. Pre-packaged items are convenient but often loaded with unpronounceable ingredients and extra calories.

Beverages with high caloric intake are just a few feet away. But you are stronger than that! You have committed to making health conscious choices and you don’t have to fear grocery shopping again.

There are so many options in all the aisles that can lead you astray. But don’t lose heart. There are things you can do to make grocery shopping a breeze if not down right delightful. Making healthy choices amongst all the junk really is possible if you follow these simple rules.

Make A List And Stick To It

Meal planning before your trip can ensure that you purchase only what you need and have healthy options on hand at home. This step helps you prepare to make healthy nutritious meals at home and saves you money because you aren’t tempted to make shortsighted choices at the store.

There are several resources available to assist you in meal planning both before and after bariatric surgery. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute offers expert advice for their bariatric patients to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping Hungry

We have all been there! We make a quick stop at the store after work or exercise and are thinking with our stomachs. We end up making poor choices simply because of hunger. If possible, try shopping on a full stomach. Make sure you are satisfied before you go to the grocery store so that you won’t make poor choices.

Stick To The Outer Aisles

Fresh produce, healthy meat options, high calcium dairy products, and frozen veggies and fruit are contained within the outer aisles. These choices pack a nutrition punch and while they may take longer to prepare than the pre-packaged items within the inner aisles, they more than make up for it in quality.

Staples like canned beans and vegetables are okay but be weary of their sodium content. Read the labels and make sure you are making wise choices if you venture into the center aisles. Many premade foods are loaded with fake ingredients and extra sugars that can wreak havoc on your diet. Be supermarket savvy and stick with whole foods and grains.

Try A Farmer’s Market

Have you ever driven by a fresh vegetable and fruit stand and wondered what it is all about? Why not take a leap and stop? Farmer’s markets can be great family outings and, occasionally, you may get the opportunity to meet the farmer who grew your food. That is a really neat experience. Farmer’s markets offer fresh produce that is usually in season and connect you to your community in ways grocery stores cannot.

Take A Friend With You

Sometimes all it takes is a friendly face and some encouragement to make the right choices when it comes to grocery shopping. If eating healthy is new to you or you are just now coming back, try bringing along some support. Having someone with you who supports your decision to become healthier and values your opinions can make a world of difference. If that person is your spouse, bring them! A good friend can be just the trick you need to help you stay on your path to wellness.

Food shopping can be stressful. Congratulate yourself on the decision to become healthier and go from there. The grocery store might have once held power over you but it doesn’t have to anymore. Preplan, make a list and stick to it, and go on an adventure in your produce aisle. Remember, every journey begins with a single step. So take that step and move forward on your quest for a healthy lifestyle.