If exercise is something that you have recently started doing, then you may look back over the years before it was a part of your life and remember seeing people exercise while obviously on vacation.  Perhaps you wondered why they were doing that.  It may have seemed silly, unnecessary or even fanatical.

When you begin incorporating exercise into your daily or, at least, weekly routine, then it truly becomes part of your routine.  It feels wrong to just take a week or two off because you are on vacation.  Also, it can be easy to not find the time to exercise once you have stopped for even a short period of time.  Good habits are lost easier than bad habits.

Exercising on Vacation

Exercise produces endorphins.  Endorphins occur naturally in our bodies and are like “happy chemicals.”  They make us feel better both physically and emotionally.  Those who battle depression often find that while exercise may not eliminate depression, it can help them feel better.  Many people truly feel the difference that exercise makes in their lives.  They don’t want to give up feeling like that for a week or two.  They know they will get grumpy or feel out of sorts either due to the lack of endorphins or even just the change in their routine.

Watch What You Eat on Vacay

Vacation is often a time when people have a harder time sticking to a diet or healthy eating plan.  When you are not at home and able to cook for yourself, it can be more difficult to find healthy options.  One way to combat this and also to enjoy a treat while on vacation is to continue with your exercise program.  Vacation does not have to equal weight gain.

You may now have a better understanding of why people exercise while on vacation, and maybe it has helped you decide that you would like to do the same.  But, you can’t take your gym with you or your usual running route, so what do you do?

Go to the Hotel Gym

Most hotels have a gym.  They may be small and not have all the equipment that you have at your gym or even at home, but you can definitely make use of what they have and get in a good workout.  Even cruise ships have a gym and/or a running track!  So, if you want that delicious but decadent chocolate lava cake at dinner while on your cruise, now you can have it guilt-free by squeezing in a workout!

Search for YouTube Workout Videos

Even if a gym or track is unavailable to you, simply go on YouTube, find a workout video that works for you and have a little exercise session in your hotel room.  There are more exercise videos available online than you can imagine, including great yoga and pilates workouts which may feel really good if you were cooped up on a plane in order to reach your destination.

So, next time you go on vacation, pack your workout clothes and tennies!  There’s no reason not to bring them.  While on your journey to good health if you are in need of some guidance, support, or even weight loss surgery, then please call us today at Advanced Surgical.  We serve the Melbourne and Merritt Island areas and specialize in rapid weight loss programs and minimally invasive weight loss surgeries.  Don’t let anything stand in your way of making the call to us today!