How to Recover from Thanksgiving

Are you one of the many who left the Thanksgiving table more stuffed than the turkey you just consumed? If you went way overboard this past Thanksgiving Day, please know that you are not alone. The average American consumes more than 4,500 calories including in pre-dinner drinks and victuals along with the traditional holiday fare. In fact, around 6 ounces of mixed meat roasted Turkey with skin can cost you upwards of 450 calories. Mashed potatoes come in at 300 calories per cup and buttered rolls can come in at 200 calories. If you had homemade stuffing, you could have stuffed yourself with 400 calories. And don’t forget the pie! 1 slice of pecan pie will deposit 650 calories into your account and, if you are like most, you probably went back for seconds.

Here at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, we are certainly not casting judgment. We’ve been there too! However, with knowledge comes the power to change. You do not have to let a few days of overindulging sideline your efforts to lose weight. Here are some great strategies to get back on track and cut yourself some slack.

First and foremost, let it go. Yes, you heard that right. You will do yourself absolutely no good obsessing over what you did and did not eat. You won’t make forward progress by dwelling on the past. One of the best things you can do, according to Eat This Not That, is to begin by prepping and planning your next few meals. Be sure to include whole, unprocessed foods that are rich in H20 and potassium to help your body rid itself of excess fluid. Plan and meal prep for the days after overdoing it and trust the process. Just remember, starving yourself is a recipe for disaster. You may think you are doing your body good by over-restricting but it could backfire making you hungrier in the long run.

You will want to jump back into a fitness regimen as soon as you can. Moving will help your body and mind. The key here is to get back into your NORMAL routine. Punishing yourself in the gym and trying to burn off all the calories you consumed just doesn’t work. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a one-time burn out session. Keep moving in the direction you started from and believe in yourself. If you need some extra accountability during the holidays, seek out a workout buddy or try group fitness classes. Just remember to be reasonable!

One thing that helps with weight loss, in general, is tracking your calories. Knowing what you consume each day will help you make the changes necessary for lifelong weight loss. Tracking can be especially helpful during the holidays because of all the additional treats that seem to be everywhere this time of year.

Weight loss is a journey and the holidays can be a challenging time for those who are attempting to make lasting changes. Remember to be kind to yourself and keep your long-term goals at the forefront as you make your way from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year. If you have questions about your weight loss needs, please feel free to contact Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, serving Melbourne, FL and all of Brevard County.