In our previous blog we talked about kids playing sports, so we wanted to also cover concussions because we know that is a valid concern.  Much attention has been given to this topic in recent years, particularly in the NFL.  Careers are ending due to too many concussions.  And, several professional athletes have taken their own lives in recent years.  It is believed that the brain injuries they received from multiple concussions are directly related to the depression and other symptoms they have experienced leading to their suicides.


In light of this, many parents may be wondering if allowing their kids to play sports is a safe idea.  Overall, yes, sports have more benefits than negatives.  Safety is the main factor here.  Football is the primary sport where concussions occur, but they can happen in other sports.  Sometimes swimmers lose track of how far they have gone in a lap and swim into the wall.  Sometimes divers dive too deep hitting the bottom or misjudge their distance from the diving board and hit their head on it.  Sometimes soccer players collide while both attempting to head the ball.  The sports in which a child is most likely to get a concussion are football, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse.


We must remember is that there is truth to the saying “kids will be kids.”  They tend to play rough.  So, even in regular everyday play at home or at recess, kids are at risk of a concussion.  That’s why it’s important for them to use the proper safety equipment.  If your child is riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter, make sure they are wearing the proper protective helmet.  One should also wear a protective helmet if skiing or snowboarding.  Falling and smacking the back of your head on hard packed ice is very dangerous.  If you choose to let your child play football, do not go cheap on the helmet!  Get one that has plenty of padding and fits properly.


We all want to protect our kids, but encasing them in bubble wrap is just not realistic!  If you are unsure if a concussion has occurred, err on the side of caution by taking your child to be evaluated by a physician.  Once a concussion has occurred, it is easier to get another one.  But, don’t turn your child into a couch potato by taking sports away from him or her.  This will not benefit them.  Sports are good for kids and can be enjoyed when safety measures are followed.


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