Know Your Numbers in 2018

January is a month in which many take stock of their previous year and determine to make changes for the better to usher in the New Year. This is a time when many set goals for a myriad of things. They let go of the past and determine that the upcoming year, in this case, 2018, will be different. The New Year represents a fresh start and it is common for people to make resolutions to do things differently. How will you make the coming year better for yourself and those around you? Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute knows that weight loss and healthy lifestyles are on the top of many resolution lists. We also know that the lifestyle choices that need to be made in order to make this happen can be challenging. We want our patients and clients to succeed and learn how to create long-term success. This is why we walk with you every step of the way on your weight loss journey. Here’s a look at simple goals you can accomplish in the coming year to help get you started on your healthy road.

In 2017, iQuanta compiled a list of the most searched resolution terms on Google for the previous year. They collected data from January to October 2016 and found that over 62 million searches were for ways to get healthy. This was an increase of over 13% from the previous year further solidifying the notion that people are more health-conscious than ever. But what does “get healthy” really mean? For some, that means scheduling general checkups with their doctors. Others make it a priority to know their health numbers. This means general bloodwork that gives you an analysis of blood sugar and cholesterol along with body weight, body mass index, and blood pressure. These crucial stats will give you clues into your overall health and allow you to work alongside your doctor in creating a health plan. When you have information on hand, you can make informed decisions.

Here at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, we know that getting healthy (and staying that way) takes work and planning on your part. We want you to know your numbers and what to do with the information they provide. If weight loss is something you need assistance with, please contact our Brevard County office today. Let’s get you moving in the right direction in 2018!