Lap Band Surgery in Brevard

Bariatric Surgery refers to a class of surgeries designed specifically to promote weight loss. These surgeries generally restrict the size of the stomach or remove portions to create a reduction in the amount of food a patient is able to consume. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the procedures work because they decrease the amount of food your body can handle and/or increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrition. Bariatric surgery can be highly successful tool for weight loss in the long-term provided that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, one that begins before surgery, and continue to do so post-op. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute specializes in bariatric surgeries and today we want to specifically speak to you about the lap-band procedure. You do have a choice when it come to the type of bariatric surgery that will best suit your needs. After consulting with our expert team, you will leave confident and ready to face the road ahead with all the help and compassion you need for success.

The Lap Band is ideal for obese patients with a BMI of at least 40. Those patients who have a BMI of 30 and also suffer from other disorders such as diabetes or high blood pressure may also be candidates for this particular surgery. This particular surgery is minimally invasive and works by inserting an adjustable band to the stomach. The silicone band allows to the surgeon to reduce the size of the stomach. This means that smaller portions become more satisfying and there is no malabsorption occurring.  Your body will safely use the nutrients it receives and weight loss will occur if protocols are followed. One of the benefits of the Lap Band is that is adjustable and can be changed with the needs of the patients. Because the surgery does not permanently remove any portion of the stomach, it may be a great choice for those over the age of 18 looking to lose weight permanently.

Lap Band Surgery has many advantages for patients. It is minimally invasive and generally requires an in-patient hospital stay of under 24 hours. Amongst bariatric surgery options, the band carries less risk after surgery and allows for the highest absorption of nutrients.

There are some disadvantages to the device. Weight loss, compared to other weight loss surgeries, may be slower. This does not mean that you will not lose weight after undergoing the procedure, only that it may take a little more time. The Lap Band requires that patients be vigilant in following their weight loss diets and must be sure to keep up with all post-surgery appointments.

If you are on the path towards bariatric surgery, please contact Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute in Melbourne, FL. We are ready and able to assist you with any questions you have regarding bariatric surgery in Brevard County and want to see you live a full and happy life. Our mission is to educate our clients and provide them with the tools to see lasting success. Perhaps the Lap Band is the right tool for you.