Non-Scale Weight Loss Victories

Many of us have been on some type of weight loss journey in our lives. For some, it has been a lifelong struggle. For others, it is brought on by a life event such as having a baby or stress. Whatever the precipitating factors, the bottom line is that most of us have tried to lose weight at one time or another. During the weight loss process, it is important to remember that not all weight loss victories happen on the scale.

What do we mean by this? The scale should not be the only measurement by which you determine how well your weight loss journey is going. Sometimes wanting to lose a specific amount of weight is helpful in that it gives you a goal. Often, this goal is given by your physician. For example, you may have heard your doctor say to you, “You need to lose twenty pounds.” There is nothing wrong with having a goal weight, but it cannot be the only measure of your weight loss success.

Non-scale weight loss victories are things like your pants not fitting as tightly or fitting into something that you couldn’t fit into the prior week. The scale may not have changed, so how is it that you can now fit better in these clothes? It is important to know that muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe you are skeptical, so let us illustrate. Take two men, each five feet, ten inches tall, each weighing 180 pounds. One of them never goes to the gym and one goes to the gym four times per week. The man who never goes to the gym doesn’t overeat, but he makes poor food choices. The man who goes to the gym makes healthy food choices. Remember that they weigh exactly the same. Do you think their bodies look exactly the same? HINT: The answer is NO!

To further illustrate, does a pound of marshmallows look and feel the same as a pound of rocks? No, one is soft and fluffy. The other is hard and smooth. That is a great comparison of fat to muscle. A pound of muscle will definitely look different than a pound of fat. When you are attempting to lose weight, exercise is an essential component. Because of this, your body is going to change, maybe in ways you have never seen. Maybe this is the first time in your life that you have incorporated exercise into your weekly routine.

So, when the scale doesn’t drop or even goes up, don’t become discouraged. If you have been exercising regularly, then it is very likely that you are losing fat and gaining muscle; therefore, your weight isn’t lower but your clothes finally fit! This is what you call a non-scale weight loss victory and it is exciting! It’s nice to see the number change on the scale, but when you can see your body changing for the better, it’s even more exciting.

Sometimes the amount of weight you need to lose can be daunting and sometimes medical help is the best route for you. Healthy eating and exercise will still be a part of your regimen, but you may need some help such as a gastric bypass or lap band surgery. If you are interested in weight loss surgery and live in the Melbourne or Merritt Island areas, then give us a call today at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute. We can’t wait to be a part of your weight loss success story, both on and off the scale!