Not Too Late For A Resolution

Because New Year’s resolutions so often fail, they have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. Many conclude that they never work out anyway, so why set yourself up for disappointment?

On the other hand, there is strong evidence for the alternate view, that there is a measurable “fresh start effect” that gives people an opportunity to opt out of their current lifestyles and make real and lasting changes. It is also well-documented that often times the resolutions don’t hold and the change doesn’t really happen, but you can do the math: How often does change happen if you don’t make a decision to change? Making a resolution is a good first step to lasting change, but of course it’s not the only step.

So how can you take advantage of resolution season in a way that is successful rather than enduring another in a long list of failures? One way is to increase accountability by enlisting a friend to join in your commitments. It is not only more sustainable but also more enjoyable to pursue your goals in the company of others. A recent podcast on behavioral economics described a tool called “temptation bundling” where you join one guilty pleasure to a healthy activity do those two things in combination. For example, if you would like to read the latest novel, but you just can’t find the time, one way to practice temptation bundling would be to listen to the audio book, but only while you are exercising. What happens is that your interest in the novel overcomes your reluctance to exercise, and the combination can lead to healthier habits.

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