Obesity and Exercise – a Vicious Cycle?

For those that are obese, this will likely hit home and make sense.  Except in cases due to illness or disease, obesity doesn’t usually happen rapidly.  Those that are obese may realize that they need to exercise to help lose weight.  The problem is that exercising hurts.  Excessive weight can cause pain when you exercise, so many people who are obese or overweight opt not to exercise.  See the vicious cycle?  It’s important to exercise if you’re obese, but many people don’t exercise because being obese makes it difficult and even painful.

Obesity is not just an extra twenty pounds.  It is bearing excessive weight which puts excessive strain on your body.  Your back may hurt, your feet may hurt, and your joints, especially your knees, may hurt.  Our knees were not designed to support several hundred pounds of weight continually.  Because of this, they hurt when you are extremely overweight.  Walking is a great exercise at the beginning of a weight loss journey, but many obese people don’t want to do it because of how much pain it causes them in their knees and feet.  In this case, water exercise is a good alternative.  You can exercise while feeling virtually weightless and putting less strain on your hips and knees.

As the weight comes off, you will realize that your body is in less pain.  Your back hurts less, your knees and hips hurt less and they are all whispering a very sincere “thank you.”  Your body doesn’t want to quit on you, but you can only push it so far.  If you are obese, then weight loss is necessary for your health.  Your heart and other organs are also strained when you are obese.  It can truly become a matter of life and death.

While there are incredible stories of people who have lost weight on their own through healthy eating and exercise, that is no small feat.  It is extremely difficult and takes time.  For some, time is of the essence.  Your health may depend on it.  That is why we offer rapid weight loss plans for our patients.

At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute we offer rapid weight loss surgery via the gastric bypass, lap band, and gastric balloon to name a few.  Dr. Diego Velarde is also trained in the DaVinci robotic surgery method which allows him to perform weight loss surgery that is minimally invasive, making it a safer surgery with a faster and easier recovery.  This allows you to get back to your daily life faster so you can start losing weight faster and even start exercising!  If you live in Melbourne, Merritt Island, Viera, or the beachside areas, then call us today to stop the vicious obesity/exercise cycle and start the healthy weight/exercise cycle that will make your body say “thank you.”