In the past couple of decades, weight loss surgery has come into the spotlight more, particularly with reality television and other media sources bringing attention to weight loss programs and the extreme, rapid weight loss that ensues.  Gastric bypass surgery seems to get the most attention, but there are other types of weight loss surgery.  We want you to know about the different options that are available to you as this is an important decision.

Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery is a weight loss surgery that consists of having an adjustable belt placed around the upper portion of the stomach.  The fact that the band is adjustable is a benefit.  You will have follow-up appointments with your surgeon.  At these appointments, your surgeon will determine if you are losing weight at the right pace and talk to you about how you feel after eating.  If you can only eat a very small amount and are feeling full, your surgeon may need to loosen the band a bit.  It is important to still get enough food for proper nutrition and well-being.  If you feel like you can eat a large portion and are not losing much weight, then your surgeon will probably need to tighten the band.

After this surgery, you will slowly re-introduce solid food as it is suggested that you begin with soft foods like applesauce.  You will be instructed to take small, pea-size bites of food when you eat and chew thoroughly. 

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Another type of weight loss surgery that is available is the gastric sleeve.  Gastric sleeve surgery consists of removing a portion of the stomach, essentially reducing the size of the stomach to about twenty-five percent of its original size, causing you to feel full with less food.  This surgery is a good choice for people with a large amount of weight to lose, such as one hundred pounds or more.  You will be taught how to eat as with the lap band surgery.  Additionally, it is important to not drink while eating or your now-small stomach will fill with liquid, not leaving enough space for food, which you do need.

Weight Loss Programs

These surgeries can often be performed laparoscopically, which is much less invasive than traditional styles of surgery requiring a large incision.  Additionally, some surgeries can be done with the daVinci robotic method.  These less invasive methods allow for a faster and easier recovery for you, as the patient.

If you feel that one of these choices might be right for you, then we encourage you to call us at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute.  Dr. Diego Velarde specializes not only in weight loss surgery but in performing them laparoscopically and using the daVinci robotic surgical method when feasible.  We are located in Merritt Island.  Yes, you have a highly trained weight loss surgeon in your own backyard!  We hope you will give us a call today!