In this life, we all have so many choices. From the moment we wake up until the time our heads hit our pillows (down, feather, cotton, polyester, latex, etc.) we can choose what works best for us. When you purchase a morning coffee, you can choose between drip or espresso, dairy milk or dairy-free milk, flavor shots or all natural, whip or no whip. You can get caught up in an endless stream of coffee choices bound to make your head spin and your wallet tighten. The point is, we have choices in this life. While this is a great thing, it can become overwhelming especially when you are trying to make long-term weight loss a reality in your life. Add to that the fact that everyone seems to be an expert, from Instagram and Facebook to your cousin’s best friend’s sister, it feels as though every person out there is doling out advice, accurate or not.

Are you confused yet?

With so many choices when it comes to what to eat and when, how do you know what type of diet will work for you? The choices are almost endless. U.S. News and World Report even puts out a list ranking a fraction of diets, 39 this year, from best to worst. You could check there…or you could consider something entirely different: quality. Let us explain. A recent study put out by Stanford University concluded that it is not so much diet type, in this case, low carb or low fat, but diet quality that makes all the difference.

Researchers followed a group of men and women between the ages of 18 and 50 for an entire year. Participants were randomly put into either a healthy low carb group or a healthy low-fat group. They also had their insulin levels recorded along partial genomic sequencing, the purpose of which was to determine if genetic differences would have an effect on what type of diet was best for the individual. They were also taught behavior modification techniques and received dietary education throughout the year. What the study revealed was that it is not so much what diet you choose, but rather what foods you eat. Quality really does matter. This is great news for those who are trying to lose weight. Try focusing on whole unprocessed unrefined foods rather than obsessing over macronutrient ratios. This will ensure that your body is getting what it needs to function at its best.

Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute knows that for those patients who are obese to morbidly obese, losing weight isn’t just a dream, it is a necessity. We know that sometimes bariatric surgery in Melbourne, FL is your only option, which is why we take what we do so seriously. Your life matters to us and we want to see you not only survive but thrive. Our professional medical team under the helm of Dr. Velarde will work with you from your very first consultation to post-op and beyond to set you up for lifelong success. Dr. Velarde, a board-certified general surgeon fellowship trained in bariatric surgery, has performed hundreds of weight loss surgeries with precision and care. If you would like more information about weight loss surgery in Melbourne and Brevard County, please contact our office today.