Set Yourself Up for Success After Bariatric Surgery

Undoubtedly, bariatric surgery is a life-changing experience. If you have recently undergone either lap band, bariatric, or gastric bypass surgery, please know that at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute we are here for you regardless of whether or not your procedure was performed by us. We know that the decision to have bariatric surgery is not something you took lightly and it was probably your last resort. You are eager to make a lasting change and we are here for you every step of the way. We want to see you thrive post-surgery. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the long-term success rate for patients is incredibly high.

While there is no definitive definition of “success” when it comes to weight loss surgery, they define it as a weight gain of no more than fifty-percent of the original weight. They are also quick to point out that this is an arbitrary measure and patients define their own success. If the quality of life is your objective, your success will not be based solely on the scale alone. Are you ready to up your chances of achieving your personal goals? If so, read on for tips to keep you motivated and encouraged.

Follow Your Physician’s Orders…Really

You will get a detailed post-op to do list from your surgeon including dietary and exercise expectations. Follow them! This is not the time to Google “what to do after bariatric surgery” and hope for the best. Remember that you chose your physician based on research and consultations. They know your body best and will give you recommendations based on your needs. The few days and weeks after surgery will be incredibly important in helping you heal so give yourself the gift of patience and remember why you started this journey.

Get Moving

Once you have the all clear from your doctor, get moving. This does not mean you choose the hardest exercise program available and hit the ground running. No, you take your time and begin with small tangible goals that you can accomplish, goals that will make you feel successful. For many Brevard County bariatric patients, this simply means walking, and that’s wonderful! For others, this means meeting with a physical therapist or licensed personal trainer and seeking guidance.

Mind Portions

There will be a significant change in the amount of food your body can handle after surgery and for many patients, this is the hardest aspect of life post-op. You will have to adjust to your new body and what it can deal with, however, if you have not prepared yourself mentally things can get challenging. Please seek out nutritional and personal support if this happens to you. Remember that you have made a drastic change, for the positive, and give yourself the grace necessary to adjust. You can do this!