Do all the upcoming holiday parties have you feeling a little nervous about the plethora of calories you’ll be consuming? For many, the Thanksgiving and  Christmas festivities can have them feeling sluggish and bloated by the New Year. There is great news though. You do not have to become victim to all the Christmas cookies. In fact, you can enjoy your office party and family gatherings and make it through unscathed and without breaking the scale. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute has been helping patients in Brevard County for 10 years now achieve weight loss via robotic surgery and our specially designed weight loss programs in Melbourne, FL. We know that the holidays can strike terror in those who suffer from overindulging and we want you to actually enjoy this season and all it has to offer. Here are some great tips to make it through.

Holiday Feast

Fill Up Beforehand

You’ve probably heard this one before but it really makes a difference. If you eat before you attend all the soirées, you are less likely to overdo it at the snack table. Eat a well-balanced meal or snack before you head out the door and increase your chances of feeling great at the party’s end.

Avoid Alcohol

Limiting alcohol will not only prevent extra calories it will also help ensure that you make wise choices when it comes to the other things you choose to consume. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy a cocktail or a nice glass of wine, only that you should be smart when making your choice. Make sure you have food in your stomach before you have a sip of your favorite concoction too.

Be Choosey

You will undoubtedly have a multitude of delicious treats at your beck and call during the holiday party season. Just because you see a tray full of delicious goodies does not mean you have to have them all. Be selective when you pick out your favorite sugary snacks. Perhaps opt for a small taste of a few things or savor that one item that you don’t get to enjoy for the rest of the year.

Protein and Veggies are Your Friends

Men’s Fitness has some great ideas when it comes to preventing packing on the party pounds. When you are making your buffet selections, opt for high packed protein items like shrimp, beef, or chicken. When possible, choose vegetables over refined carbs. When you fuel your body with the best foods available, you are setting yourself up for success. That highly processed high sugar cookie will always be there so eat clean before you indulge.