Something’s Fishy…

As we probably all know by now, eating healthy is an essential part of being healthy and staying healthy. There is a multitude of diet plans out there, and it would be impossible to pick just one as “the best.” Additionally, our bodies handle food and exercise differently at different stages of our lives. Let’s face it, how we eat at twenty years old may not work as well when we are forty. It’s a bummer, but it’s true. Our metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories, and unfortunately, it slows with age.

Even if you are still young and enjoying a high rate of metabolism, it is still important to take care of your body with proper nutrition and exercise because, believe it or not, one day you will be older and will be glad that you took good care of yourself!

In this blog, we wanted to focus on something that is prevalent in our area here on Florida’s east coast – fish! We know that not everybody likes to eat fish, but please keep reading. You might learn something new and maybe will decide to give fish another try! Did you know that fish is actually one of the healthiest foods in existence? That should get your attention!

Many vegetarians actually choose to be pescatarians, shunning all other meat, but choosing to still eat fish for its health benefits. Fish are packed with nutrients. For those who don’t eat other meat, eating fish is an easy and excellent way to add much-needed protein to your diet. Most of us have heard of omega-3 fatty acids which are often referred to as fish oils. People often buy omega-3 in the vitamin/supplement section at the store. That is because it has been proven that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for both body and brain health. There are also studies showing that omega-3 fatty acids can help with depression.

Even one serving of fish per week can help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke! Over forty percent of people in the U.S. are lacking the proper amount of Vitamin D in their diet. We largely get Vitamin D from the sun and Floridians may not be as lacking as say, Minnesotans. However, if you are in an office forty hours a week, you may not be getting your necessary Vitamin D. A small four-ounce serving of salmon meets the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D! If that salmon is cooked well, you will want more than just four ounces.

These are only some of the health benefits that fish provide. We hope you can see what a healthy choice fish is as a regular part of your diet. (Please know that we DO understand if you are vegetarian or vegan and do not eat any meat, including fish). Living in Florida, we are in the prime location to obtain fresh fish from both the markets and local restaurants. We can literally eat fish caught earlier that day. Unless you are catching it and cooking it yourself, it can’t get much fresher!

We are very pleased when our clients make healthy food choices. We know it is of great benefit to them. We also know that it can be very hard to change years of poor eating habits. We want to help you make good choices and lose the weight you want. Sometimes, weight loss surgery is the best answer to jumpstart your weight loss journey. If that’s the case, you need to look no further than our office, Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute. Dr. Diego Velarde has been trained in the most innovative weight loss surgical techniques, including the minimally invasive daVinci robotic surgery method. If you are interested in losing weight and live in the Melbourne, Merritt Island, or beachside area, then call us today!