Summer Weight-Loss Survival

Summer is traditionally the season for backyard barbecues and fun in the sun. The kids are out of school and travel season kicks into high gear just after Memorial Day. One week you are in town and the next you are off to another destination with no time for the routine you are accustomed to. With all the festivities, it can be hard to stay on track when it comes to your diet and fitness. How do you fight off all the enticing items on the buffet table? We are naturally drawn to the sweet fatty foods that seem to be in abundance during this time of year. There is hope, however! You can enjoy all the fun without inhibiting all of your hard work. You do not have to be a slave to your routine but you don’t have to fall victim to food and drink that are in abundance. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute has had the honor of serving so many in Brevard County with our comprehensive weight-loss programs. We want to see all of our clients succeed. Summer does not have to derail all of your progress. Here are some great ways to keep yourself in check and enjoy yourself all at the same time.

Be Picky

Undoubtedly you will have multiple chances to indulge this summer. However, remember that just because something is there does not mean that you have to eat or drink it. When you see the desserts on display or have the opportunity to have another high calorie beverage, remember your goals. You don’t have to ditch the good stuff all together, just choose when and where BEFORE you arrive at the next party or vacation destination.

Take Time to Exercise

It can be easy to put exercise on the back burner during the summer months because of the disruption in your regular routine. When you cannot get in that full workout you scheduled or you cannot make it to your favorite class, it becomes easier to skip the workout entirely. Rather than blowing off your exercise, make some simple adjustments. Instead of a spin class, go for a walk or easy run. If you cannot hit the weights at your local gym, try finding a workout facility wherever you are or incorporate a total body weight workout instead. These simple switches can keep you on track wherever you are. And remember, progress, not perfection is the goal.

Lighten Up

You’ve made tremendous strides on your road to permanent weight loss. When you cannot fully commit to your diet and/or exercise it can be really scary. What if you gain weight? What if you slip back into bad habits? In truth, a few days will not undo all of your hard work. Take a break and take a breath. Remember that health and well-being is a marathon and not a sprint. Take time to enjoy your life and the time you have with others while keeping your priorities in view. Don’t let a bad meal or skipped workout turn everything around. You can do this!