Swimming – For the Health of it

During the colder winter months, we tend to become less active. We aren’t outdoors as much, so we aren’t walking as much. If you run as part of your exercise routine, you may opt for other less strenuous, indoor exercises. The couch, a fuzzy blanket, and a hot drink are just so much more appealing than freezing outside that our exercise routine often takes a back seat during the colder months.

With the beautiful summer months here, it is time to get back into a routine that includes exercising at least a few times a week. A great way to get exercise during the summer is through swimming. It is fun AND good for you. Even better, it is probably one of the only forms of exercise that you can engage in that keeps you cool while you do it! That’s definitely a bonus!

There are multiple activities that you can do in a pool. You may not be a strong swimmer, but don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways for you to incorporate pool time into your exercise routine. Simply walking back and forth in the shallow end is a good exercise. The water gives natural resistance, making it more of a workout than just walking up and down the block.

You can also engage in water aerobics. Many gyms offer these types of classes. However, you don’t have to join a class. You can do it on your own. Water aerobics is also great if you have any kind of joint pain. It is less stressful on your joints than many other exercises. It is also great for people recovering from a variety of surgeries, such as knee or shoulder surgery.

Working out in the pool burns calories, helps develop lean muscle, increases flexibility, and improves your cardiovascular fitness. It is a great full-body workout that is safe for most people.

Of course, there is also swimming laps. If you are a confident swimmer, this is an excellent workout. So, what do you think? Maybe it’s time to make a splash!

At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute, we want to encourage you to engage in healthy exercise all year round, and finding new, fun ways to exercise, like pool exercises, can help keep you on track to a healthy lifestyle. We understand that losing weight is challenging. Some people are able to reach their goals on their own, but others need assistance. Some of you are also battling health issues which make your weight loss more challenging. Some of you do better when you have someone alongside you, encouraging you and keeping you on track.

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