The Perfection Fallacy

The Perfection FallacyIt seems as though our world is obsessed with perfection. Just look around you.  The perfection obsession begins early in life with unrealistic ideals placed upon children who are just beginning to learn what it means to be human. Get it wrong and you are considered a failure.

While most people have the ability to look at any sort of failure as a learning experience and a path towards growth those who suffer from perfectionism can become stumped in their progress and incapable of moving forward.

Those who have accepted the fact that their obesity has become out of control and taken the step to become healthy by Melbourne Fl bariatric surgery at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss institute should be aware of allowing “perfect” recovery and results from impeding their weight loss progress.

After surgery you may have a renewed sense of purpose and feel ready for your new life. However, don’t let this zeal for weight loss cloud your judgment. If you feel like you are struggling with the need for perfection, here are some tips to help you adjust and find peace with the journey ahead.

 Set Yourself Up For Success

This sounds easy enough but it can really help. Before surgery, line up your follow up appointments. Make sure you know who you need to see post op and attend those visits. Knowing that you have medical assistance after your surgery can help alleviate stress.

Have a support network in place. Surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and want to see you succeed is an invaluable tool. You have made a commitment to a lifelong lifestyle change and having people who know and love you will be of great importance.

You can also join an online support group catered to your specific surgery. Meet people who are in your situation and going through the same things as you.There will be bumps in the road but that is okay. There is no perfect route to weight loss so keep that in mind.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

You will have a post surgery plan in order to help you make wise food choices and incorporate exercise. Follow these directives and know that you are making the best choices. If you slip up, try your best to remember that you can and will succeed in spite of it.

If you need dietary assistance, consider seeing a nutritionist. If you are new to exercise a few consultations with a certified trainer may be what you need to get you moving.

Take Your Time

As the weight comes off you will begin to see a new “you” in the mirror. The physical changes can be shocking when your mind feels the same. If you are struggling with all the changes, embrace the small steps and remember it took a lifetime to get you to this place. It will take time to move forward both physically and mentally.

The emotional adjustment to your new life and body can feel daunting. Try journaling your thoughts so that you can look back and reflect. Enjoy the changes if you can. Remember the health benefits of losing the excess weight. There is no prescription for how you are supposed to feel during this time. However, if you can remove the obstacle of “perfect” recovery, you will be doing yourself a big favor.

Again, congratulations, on taking this powerful step. While life will be changing in a drastic manner, this doesn’t mean that it has to be emotionally debilitating.  By setting yourself up with a great support system, following your doctor’s orders, and taking all the time you need, remembering that perfection isn’t the goal, you can achieve your dreams.