Ruthless Power of ComparisonImages of so-called “perfection” are constant in this age of instant access. It seems as though everywhere you turn someone is posting pictures of their perfect body or the media is highlighting a female celebrity who loses her baby weight by the time she leaves the hospital (perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration but it can certainly feel that way to the rest of us). People are often lauded for their appearance rather than their character causing many to feel like they simply will never measure up.

Do you find yourself comparing your weight loss journey to those around you? Do you continually question your personal progress and think things should be progressing at a much quicker rate? Have you forgotten that your journey is uniquely your own? When we compare ourselves to others we are only adding insult to injury. Your story is exactly that: YOURS.

The decision to get bariatric surgery with Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute after thoughtful consideration and speaking with our team of experts begins your road to recovery. However, we know it is difficult when the messages we often hear pertaining to weight loss seem to say the quicker the better. Push harder. Eat less. Work til you drop and then work some more. The thing is, the tortoise wins the race. Slow steady healthy weight loss leads to long lasting success.

If you feel yourself sinking into the comparison trap take a few moments and evaluate why that is. Scan your emotions and thoughts at the moment and see what rises to the top. Are you fearful? Why? Are you afraid that the weight will never come off? Are you scared that you will relapse into unhealthy habits? If fear is guiding your comparisons stop for a moment and just breathe.

Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute is here with you. We will walk this road alongside you and give you the expert advice you need to succeed. You can trust our advice. You can also rest assured that you are not alone. Remember, comparing yourself to others only detracts from your goal.

Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute knows that the road to weight loss can be scary and, at times, emotionally overwhelming. But we also know that you are capable of so much more than you may believe. Our team of experts works with you from first consultation to post bariatric surgery to give you tools and provide you with the confidence you need to turn your life around.

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