The Value of Water

We have talked about the value of hydration in a previous blog.  We discussed the fact that water is the purest form of hydration but it is acceptable to obtain some of our hydration through other drinks and certain fruits.  What we didn’t talk about is that water is an incredible resource that we often take for granted in the United States.

If you have ever visited a third world country, then you have seen firsthand the scarcity of water in other locations. The term “third world country” is used to describe underdeveloped nations, particularly those with widespread poverty.  This is why you will often hear someone say, “Oh, that’s a first world problem.”  In the U.S. we complain about spotty wifi connections or Starbucks closing too early.  These are most definitely first world problems.  It’s important to occasionally remind ourselves of this.  We are extremely fortunate.


In Florida, we have water EVERYWHERE!  We have ocean, lakes, ponds, swamps, and intercoastal waterways.  A lot of places have these same types of waterways.  What we have that they don’t have is access to clean drinking water.  We simply turn on the tap and clear, cold water is at our disposal.  If we aren’t being mindful of our water consumption we leave the water running while doing dishes or brushing our teeth.  Our clean, drinkable water just washes down the drain like it’s no big deal.  People in other countries would be appalled at such wastefulness.  Water is a valuable resource that they don’t take for granted.


In El Salvador, for example, a mother may have to walk down a steep hill from her home with her baby strapped to her, walk a mile or more to get water, then back up the steep hill to get home.  This water is still not as clean or safe to drink as ours, yet she has to go to great lengths to retrieve it for their cooking and drinking.  It must be boiled first to kill any parasites.


We often buy bottled water while on the go. Some of us even drink it at home even though our water is safe to drink.  We often throw out bottles with water still in them.  The next time you leave the water running or reach to toss out a bottle with water still in it, stop and think first.  While we can’t ship our extra water to people in need, we can be mindful to make good use of this precious resource.  If you have water left in the bottle, use it to water a plant or fill your dog’s water dish instead of throwing it in the trash.  We are fortunate to have clean water readily available.  Let’s continue to stay hydrated for good health while appreciating this precious resource.


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