Vitamin D: A Powerhouse

Vitamin D: A PowerhouseLet’s talk Vitamin D. It is well known that this vitamin is crucial for bone health.  Studies are now showing that it does so much more.

Researchers are finding that it has anti-cancer effects, helps your immune system, assists in properly functioning muscles, aids in development of the brain, and assists the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

This vitamin is essential for overall health and after bariatric surgery you will be encouraged to make sure you are getting enough of it.  To ensure that you are meeting your daily Vitamin D needs this may require supplementation and the dosage will be recommended to you by your physician.

Vitamin D really is a marvel and is something that we cannot produce on our own without assistance. Our bodies can produce Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight or the use of supplements and finding the right mix of both can be tricky. Some foods such as egg yolks and cod liver oil naturally contain the nutrient as well.

After entering the body it is transformed many times over. The liver works on it to convert it into a form your body can use, referred to as “Active Vitamin D.” Once active, this form of the vitamin is used by your body to improve communication between cells. Calcium and phosphorous, both of which Vitamin D helps to absorb, are crucial to bone health and cannot function without being the help of Vitamin D.

Because of our predisposition to working indoors, there has been a rise in the increase of Vitamin D deficiency cases. Gone are the days of working outside from sun up to sun down and this has inhibited the intake of Vitamin D from sunlight for most of us. While you cannot control your working conditions you can try for some limited outside time.

For adults the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin D is 600-800 IU.  However some suggest that that number should be more like 2,000 IU. Your physician will assist you in determining your specific needs.

So what do you do if you are one of the many struggling to get your daily intake of Vitamin D and reap all the benefits of this wonder vitamin?  Here are a few ways:

 Get Outside

Some experts believe that between 5 and 30 minutes of bare skin exposure to sunlight could be enough.

Take Supplements

There are a plethora of options out there for obtaining Vitamin D via supplements. Just remember to consult your physician before taking them on your own.  They will guide you on the correct path for the use of supplements.

Consume Food Products Fortified with Vitamin D

Many options exist for increasing your intake of Vitamin D via the foods you eat.  While it is hard to come by naturally, may cereals, dairy products, and even orange juices have it added.

Canned Fish

Canned tuna and sardines are both great sources of Vitamin D.  These are easy options and will store well in your pantry.

At Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute one of our goals is to give you all the knowledge we can to empower you on your weight loss journey. Making the decision to take control and move forward with bariatric surgery is significant and the more equipped you are post surgery the better your chances of success.

Part of your journey will include taking certain supplements and a multi-vitamin to be sure your body has all it needs to fight on your behalf. Vitamin D is one of those essentials and has the power to keep your keep your bones strong and your cells functioning at their best.