Watch Out for Weight Loss Scams

When you are trying to lose weight, finding what works for you can be overwhelming. Think about it. Everywhere you turn someone is giving advice. That advice, while well meaning, may be incorrect and is sometimes downright false. One website suggests eating only berries and cabbage. Eliminate grains and dairy and you will be bloat free. Avoid long moderate cardio sessions and only incorporate high intensity training into your workout regimens. The advice can be confusing. Add to that the false claims by marketers touting their weight-loss products and the average user has nowhere to turn for accurate advice that will assist them in losing weight long term. The internet is a great way to do research, but it can do more harm than good if the sources you are consulting are not rooted in scientific fact. Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute has been helping people in Melbourne, FL and the surrounding areas achieve lasting weight loss. We know that many companies make assertions about their products and methods that cannot be substantiated. We want our clients to be informed. Here are some ways to spot scams from a mile away.

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission works hand-in-hand with the Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies in an effort to fight false advertising in the health and wellness niche market? Supplements, products, foods, and the like have become a billion-dollar industry in the United States and show no signs of slowing down. In January of 2014, the FTC announced an initiative, “Operation Failed Resolution,” to help sort through the plethora of false advertising in the weight loss industry. Beginning with a lawsuit against the Sensa (a company that created a product that promises weight loss by sprinkling it on food) and has sense brought charges against L’Occitane and HCG Diet Direct. These companies purported that their products would create effects on users that simply could not be scientifically backed up. The mere fact that a watchdog initiative is in place should clue you in to the fact that there are companies out to snag a quick buck at your expense. So, how can you protect yourself?

If a company promises you a product that causes weight loss no matter how much you eat, there’s a problem. Yes, food is delicious. Yes, you need it to survive. However, eating everything you want while ingesting a pill or beverage that promises weight loss is a pipe dream. You should also be wary of fat-blockers. According to The Mayo Clinic, over-the-counter products cannot block enough fat to prompt weight-loss.

Products that state you will continue to lose weight and keep it off forever after use are also ones to watch out for. If a company promises a drastic drop in weight in a short period of time, be cautions. Essentially, if it sounds too go to be true…it probably is. Real and lasting weight loss comes from hard work, diligence, and the commitment to succeed. If you are looking for a solution, please do not hesitate to contact us at Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute.