What Is Happening to My Body?

What Is Happening To My Body?

There are a few times in our lives that women ask ourselves this. The first time is during puberty. The second time is during pregnancy if you ever go through it. The third time is during menopause. Two of these three are completely out of our control! We basically start and end our lives wondering what is going on with our bodies.

Each of these life-changing events brings with it certain physical and emotional changes. Today we are going to take a closer look at menopause and specifically at the physical changes that occur in our bodies.

Menopause does not start at a specific age. Wouldn’t that be nice if every woman could just know, for example, that the day she turns 45, she will be entering menopause? At least we could prepare for it a little bit! Instead, it creeps up on each of us at different stages from our late thirties to our sixties! Really? A three-decade span in which we wonder when it is going to jump out at us?

In truth, it usually starts gradually which is called a perimenopausal stage. This is essentially our warning stage that menopause is eventually approaching. This stage may include such symptoms as irregular periods, night sweats, hot flashes, and sleep issues. Menopause has officially arrived when you go for twelve straight months without a menstrual cycle. This is referred to as “natural menopause.” Some women have menopause jump started for them through the loss or damage of their ovaries due to necessary surgery, like a hysterectomy.

Many of the changes that take place leading up to menopause are caused by the hormonal changes that are caused by aging, particularly the drop in estrogen production. One effect of this hormonal change is a loss of muscle tone. We now have to work harder to maintain muscle that in our twenties may have taken very little effort to be toned and taut. You may also begin to notice less elasticity in your skin and more wrinkles. Hair loss (thinning) is often a symptom of hormone changes, although some hair loss is common with aging, in general.

A decrease in lean body mass and an increase in the dreaded belly fat are common during the perimenopausal/menopausal stage of life. We have to exercise and be mindful of our diet just to “maintain.” Actually losing the excess weight and maintaining a lean figure is even harder. If you have had multiple abdominal surgeries or a hysterectomy (even one in which you retain your ovaries), you may also notice the additional challenge in losing abdominal weight.

Menopause isn’t really something to be dreaded, but it something to be educated about since each woman out there will go through it. We hope that this has given you some helpful information that you didn’t know. We don’t want you to fear or dread menopause because every stage of life is unique and special. By the time you reach menopause, you have gained wisdom from your life experiences. Wisdom seeks knowledge. Knowledge comes from learning.

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