Why the Beach is Good for Us

Here in Florida, one thing that we have plenty of, besides sunshine, is beaches.  We don’t just have any beaches either.  We have beautiful, sandy beaches with warm water.  Not everywhere with beaches can make that boast.  For instance, the California coastline is beautiful, but the water there is never truly warm like it is here.  Their warmest water only reaches around 68 degrees while ours likes to hover around 80 degrees.  That is a big difference.

Different beaches have different types of sand, too.  Some sand is a little rougher, truly feeling like the crushed shells of which it consists.  Some sand feels powdery, like fluffy snow or baby powder.  And, some sand is just nice soft sand that falls in between the other two types mentioned.

Not everyone enjoys the beach.  Some people don’t like the feel of sand or they don’t like the constant breeze.  That’s alright.  In the same way, not everyone enjoys the forest or the city, for that matter.  Whether you enjoy it or not, the beach does have some benefits that you might want to consider.

Salt water has long been known to be good for you.  For thousands of years, it has been believed that salt water aids in the healing of wounds.  There seems to be evidence on both sides of the argument of how effective this is.  However, if you ask anyone who lives near the beach, they will probably tell you that they have experienced the healing benefits of salt water.  Ocean water does contain many bacteria though, so to be safe, you should still rinse your wound with fresh water after your foray into the ocean.

World-renowned physician, Dr. Deepak Chopra endorses the idea of “grounding” for your well-being.  When you think about it, our bodies are comprised of 70 percent water.  It makes sense that our bodies feel good in water or near water.  But, we also need to be connected to our environment in other ways.  “Grounding” is basically standing barefoot on a conductive surface such as grass, sand, soil, or concrete.  It is known that our bodies are affected by the world around us, such as our circadian rhythm – when our bodies are tired based on night and day (the earth moving on its axis).  Grounding is allowing our bodies to connect with the earth in a way that basically pushes a reset button for our body.  We weren’t designed to always be wearing shoes. You may not love the beach, but digging your toes in the sand is really good for you!

Located in the Rockledge/Merritt Island, Advanced Surgical and Weight Loss Institute is near the beach!  After your appointment with Dr. Velarde, maybe you can take a little time to dig your toes into the sand.  Dr. Diego Velarde specializes in robotic surgery for the purpose of rapid weight loss.  This method is minimally invasive, allowing for a faster and easier recovery.  If you are interested in weight loss surgery, such as lap band, stomach stapling, or gastric sleeve, then please call us today.  We would love to be a part of your Melbourne, FL weight loss journey!